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TÉMA: Permakultúra tanfolyam Marc 17-22, 2014, Málta (EU funding!)

Permakultúra tanfolyam Marc 17-22, 2014, Málta (EU funding!) 8 éve 1 hónapja #7146

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EU’s Life Long Learning Grundtvig program.

The objective of this course is to provide an exciting new approach and platform to thinking and working outside the box while recognizing the power of nature as a teacher. The course will provide the space for a healthy exchange of experiences and life-long learning approaches.
In depth info @ this link: www.permaculturemalta.org/green-living-for-sustainability/

• A number of lectures & interactive games
• Hands-on workshops & group exercises
• Model building & outdoor activities
• Garden design practice & experiencing food forests, bush crafts & applied outdoor skills.
• Participants will be encouraged while supported to actively participate in a community set-up to enhance living within a healthy ecosystem.

Travelling to a wonderful Mediterranean Island to learn, expand and evolve through Permaculture Design.

In depth info on this link: www.permaculturemalta.org/green-living-for-sustainability/

EU FUNDED: We encourage interested participants to apply for full funding through the EU’s Grundtvig program. If you prefer to privately pay for your course, please fill out the online form and tick private funding. Form here: www.permaculturemalta.org/green-living-for-sustainability/

DEADLINE FOR FUNDING APPLICATIONS: is 17th September 2013. The EU have set the deadline, and it is a strict one! Please allow enough time to fill the application!

MAIN CRITERION: is that you are a resident of an EU country, or a resident of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey. Maltese residents are NOT eligible for funding for this course.

The Grundtvig program is specifically for Adult Educators. This is defined as people who are teaching in a formal or informal way, and also includes people who aren’t teaching yet, but aim to become a teacher.

MORE INFO: www.permaculturemalta.org/green-living-for-sustainability/

This is an opportunity not to be missed and please share with friends and family.

Permaculture Research Foundation Malta based at Bahrija Oasis is absolutely worth seeing and supporting as part of the evolution of permaculture across the globe.

WEBSITE: www.permaculturemalta.org/
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