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TÉMA: Programok Lengyelországban az Ecocentre ICPPC-ben

Programok Lengyelországban az Ecocentre ICPPC-ben 9 éve 7 hónapja #1162

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Levélben kaptam a következő programlistát.

14/04/2012 - Photovoltaics in the theory and practice. Training conducted by Krzysztof Wietrzny, director of Solarshop (www.solarshop.pl).
You will learn theoretical aspects and possible configurations of photovoltaic solar kits.
At the workshop there will be a working example of how to install household solar power photovoltaic modules (known colloquially as solar panels) to enjoy free electricity from the sun.

21/04/2012 - Traditional basket-making- workshop led by a craftsman Andrzej Zwawa.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn techniques of making baskets and other objects of everyday use made of wicker.

21-22.04.2012 - The way to sustainability - ECOvillages, ECOfarming and ECOtechnologies - two-day workshop, during which,
you will learn the natural methods for supporting the environment, where to find good food and why and how to build eco-villages.
We plan also painting traditional wooden birds and making beeswax candles. There will be also opportunity to try excellent, peasant, organic food.

27.04 - 03.05.2012 - Using horse power - a practical workshop on farms using working horses.
The workshop participants will learn the basics of working with horses, learn about the traditions of the Polish countryside and acquire skills useful on traditional farms.

5-11.05.2012 - Traditional country skills - 7 day workshop during which you will have the opportunity to gain skills necessary in eco-lifestyle.

12/05/2012 - Eco-houses (Building with clay and straw). The lecture on building ecological houses and practical workshops where you will learn making blocks of clay and straw, building walls and make clay plaster.

09-15.06.2012 - Using horse power (2nd edition).

18-24.06.2012 - Traditional country skills (2nd edition).

02 - 08/07/2012 - ECOholidays - an incredible opportunity to learn the Polish countryside, its amazing culture, and the true delicacies from small, organic farms.

09 -15/07/2012 - ECOholidays (2nd edition).

06 - 18/08/2012 - Permaculture Design Course (PDC) - An experienced permaculture teacher and designer,
founder of Glacial Lakes Permaculture, Karl J. Schmidt teaches Permaculture Design Course in Poland.

20 - 26/08/2012 -Traditional country skills - (3rd edition).

For more details see our website: www.eko-cel.pl .
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